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      Pay attention! Registration guide for the 4th China International Import Expo

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      The 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 4th CIIE) will be held at the Convention Center (Shanghai) from November 5 to 10, 2021. Kunshan High-tech Zone Trading sub-group has been formally established, responsible for organizing the registration of professional visitors in enterprises and institutions within the area.

      The CIIE is not only an important link connecting international and domestic markets and two kinds of resources to accelerate the construction of domestic industrial chain, but also an important window to promote the new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body. We hope that all enterprises and institutions can take active actions to complete the online registration of professional visitors as soon as possible, and join hands to visit, communicate, negotiate and purchase the international stage of the Fourth CIIE. The registration process of professional visitors for the 4th CIIE is as follows: first-time professional visitors at home and abroad can register on the official website of the CIIE (www.ciie.org) under "Business Exhibition for Enterprises" - "Professional Visitors" - "Visit Pre-registration"; Professional visitors who have participated in previous CIIE can click "I am an audience of previous CIIE" to enter. Professional visitors located in Jiangsu Province must fill in the recommendation code Q2021266 when registering the pre-registration information. Enter the professional audience registration system

      Pre-registration (fill in the recommended code Q2021266)

      With a planned area of 360,000 square meters, the enterprise Commercial Exhibition of the fourth CIIE has six exhibition areas, namely food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, consumer goods, medical equipment, medicine and health care, and service trade, with strong exhibitors' representability. The number of the World's top 500 enterprises and industrial enterprises signed contracts to participate in the exhibition has exceeded that of the last one. Purchasers, industry insiders, experts and scholars, and public officials from relevant enterprises, social organizations, public institutions and government agencies can register as professional visitors to visit the fourth CIIE for exhibition, negotiation and purchase.

      Next:The province's third batch of key enterprises, products (services), and demonstration street (township) innovation bases in the field of smart health care and smart home
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      Kunshan Xintaili Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

      Tel:+86 0512-57762595

      Email: it.t@www.091342.com.cn

      Address: No. 319, Qinkun Road, Kunshan City

      Post code: 215316

      Bus route: take Bus No. 2 to Zizhu Road
      and get off at Chengbei Road

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